My Shopping trip

Years ago I loved shopping with my children at a place called Clearwater Mall. After we moved to Florida from Illinois in the 1970’s, our family saw many changes take place in our area and the city of Clearwater had one of the newly built indoor malls that were beginning to crop up in those days. I remember the mall very clearly as it was the first time I had ever seen a glass elevator. My kids loved riding up and down in that elevator. They seemed to think it was much like a ride at an amusement park. The stores were varied in merchandise and we could spend hours just walking and browsing in each and every one. A typical day (usually Saturday) included lunch and buying a batch of delicious cookies from the cookie shop. Even if we didn’t buy anything on one of those excursions, it was just enough spending special time with my young ones. I really liked those indoor venues of merchandising. No matter what the weather happened to be, we kept warm and dry while we were inside. Although I would have liked to have had my husband join us in those enjoyable moments, he pretty much missed out most of the time because he had to be at work but I remember how much he looked forward to hearing of my and the childrens’ adventures when he got home from work. My offspring are all grown up now and the mall of which I have been writing has long since been rebuilt into a large outdoor venue. I have days when I tend to look back and call to mind those happy times and get a little nostalgic but I am grateful that I had the chance to experience those much cherished times. One memory that stands out about those days that wasn’t so upbeat was the afternoon that I, with my kids in tow, couldn’t get the car started. There I was, with three youngsters and a bunch of packages and I was stuck. I had no choice but to call for help (thankfully, I belonged to an over the road motor club) and when the driver from Towing Clearwater arrived, it was determined that the battery was dead. What a relief to find out that all that was needed to be done was a battery charge. The mechanic’s assistance was greatly appreciated and his courtesy was impressive as he patiently listened to my youngest, who kept asking him questions. My “take” on all of this is it’s good to live in a world where professional help can be at your side in your worst moments.


Dumpster Rentals

Sometimes when taking a casual automobile ride heading to Lakeland, I can’t help but notice that the sides of the road are often littered with junk and debris. Shockingly, on one occasion, I spotted a couple plastic bags of  trash. What is the world coming to that people think nothing of tossing garbage out of car windows or dropping cigarettes and food wrappers on the ground? I can only come to two conclusions….they just don’t care about the environment or people in general or they live in an area without garbage service and have to pay a private company to pick up their rubbish. The latter might be beyond their financial means or, who knows, could be these folks are actually too cheap to pay for garbage service. Whatever the reason for highway littering, it needs to be stopped. I’ve even seen oil cans and water bottles mucking up the road. Call me crazy or paranoid but I, for one, can’t help but feel grossed out when unhealthy conditions are staring me right in the face. When my kids were young, I read them a story book over and over about littering. It was a tale of a boy who ignored the wastebasket in his bedroom and day after day, he would drop a piece of paper on the floor and just leave it there, never picking it up. By the end of the story, as you can guess, his bedroom turned into one big mountainous pile of trash. It was disgusting to look at, hard to move around it and eventually had to be cleaned up. The moral of the story was that it takes a lot more work to clean up a mountain than to pick up one little piece of paper. I always made it a point to keep a small litter container in each of my children’s bedrooms and the rule was to make sure every piece of paper, etc. got thrown into the container. When debris tends to stack up, I imagine that’s how hoarding begins. I think to encourage folks to be responsible for cleaning up their own mess is beneficial to everyone. I would like to see trash receptacles out in the open near Lakeland.

Dumpster Rentals Lakeland would be the ideal solution to save the planet for future generations. For every piece of paper or plastic that goes into a trash container, a small part of the earth becomes safer and healthier.