Life Changing Ventures

Other than marriage, I haven’t been on many life changing ventures in my life. Oh sure, I’ve done the usual vacations with my husband and family but I’m talking about a real change of scenery. The only one that I can actually say belongs in the life changer category is our family’s move from the Chicago area to Florida. Once my husband’s workplace shut its doors, he had to consider whether to change the type of work he had been doing or search for a position in the same field. Our initial thought was for him to take a job in the same industry, sell our house and move closer to where the new company had its headquarters. After taking a Sunday to scope out the new area that we might end up moving to, it was a unanimous decision for hubby to forego this new company. Needless to say, the suburb where we would have been settling did not appeal to any of our family members at all. I forgot to mention that we had jumped the gun and put our house up for sale, not expecting to get any offers right away but as luck would have it, our real estate agent called us within a week with the name of a prospective buyer. Not only did the people meet our asking price but they offered cash. In a moment’s decision we opted to take the offer but now we were faced with the prospect of where to live. It was exciting and scary all at once. As we pondered what to do, I was watching TV in the evening still considering our dilemma when an ad for Hauling Tampa popped up. The commercial was for a company that offered long distance moving services. Just like in the classic comic strip, a “light bulb” appeared in my mind and I said to my husband “why don’t we start all over, take a chance and relocate to Florida?”  He looked at me and said “are you serious?” “Why not?” I said. Some of my aunts and uncles already were living there so we would have family to connect with. It didn’t take long for us to make a firm decision. And a few short weeks later, after a successful garage sale and a going away party thrown by our neighbors of ten years, we were off on our new adventure.

After thirty four years of Florida living I can honestly say we have never regretted that decision. Who knows what life would have held for our family had we stayed in Chicago but it doesn’t matter because life has been good here in the sunny state. I guess that old saying is true…”nothing ventured, nothing gained!”


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