back in the day before drive thrus

I grew up in an era when drive thru businesses weren’t a thing (if there were any, they would have been few and far between.) The biggest and most popular wasn’t a drive thru but rather a drive-in theater. Those were the days of fun for families and teens alike. Going to a drive-in movie made for a great date night and didn’t cost that much, especially when a group of young high schoolers would hide in a car trunk until the driver of the vehicle was admitted inside and then everyone would climb out to spend an evening watching the movie. Families, like mine, spent a Saturday night together watching G rated movies like Disney productions and “Love Bug.” The youngsters would wear their pajamas and bring pillows in case they fell asleep. Our family would bring Saturday night dinner (burgers, chicken, etc.) and eat in the car. If you never had the opportunity to go to a drive-in, you might wonder how the movies were heard. Speakers were placed apart in spaces where cars could pull up next to them and bring the microphone inside the vehicle so all could hear the audio (similar to our modern day phones with speakers.) I think most, if not all, drive-in theaters are closed by now. It’s really a shame to lose some of the old traditional things of the past. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I attended one of the modern movie shows and during an intermission, struck up a conversation with a fellow movie patron about the so called olden days and he, like I, recalled the many Saturday nights he and his girlfriend spent at the drive-in. The casual chatting steered somehow to computers, cell phones, drive thrus and car washing. I told him how I remembered my Dad taking his car to a carwash and standing by his side as we watched the automobile going through the cleaning equipment (brushes and hot wax, etc.) I mentioned how much easier it is for folks to get a vehicle washed these days without having to even leave their home. As irony would have it, it turned out that my new friend knows of a business called Car Detailing Murfreesboro, TN that does the job right at a person’s house or office. Now, it seems, the car washing businesses come to you, instead of you going to them. Just another modern day convenience of the times in which we live. While I miss some of the older ways of life, I must say, it is nice to have existed long enough to be a part of the progress that mankind has achieved.

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